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Is a Premier Insurance Company Right for You?

When it comes to insuring your homes, vehicles, and valuable articles, there’s no shortage of companies offering an extensive line-up of coverage options. Of course, working with a knowledgeable insurance advisor will help you identify your specific risks and make appropriate selections with a suitable provider.

The price we pay for insurance coverage is not like the selling prices of other products. Rates are determined by statistical analyses of past losses, a host of variables about the insured, as well as state laws that regulate what companies can charge. Because the true cost of providing insurance is unknown until the policy period has lapsed – insurance rates are based on predictions rather than actual costs.

Unfortunately, not all occurrences can be predicted. Few would have anticipated a year like 2018, during which we saw several, history-making disasters that devastated individuals, families, entire communities, and beyond – unthinkable flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires. It’s difficult to imagine losing so much in an instant. Even significantly less-severe losses can be overwhelming. While all insurance contracts are designed to indemnify us after a covered loss, not all coverages and companies are the same.

Working with a Premier Insurance Company

Depending on your needs, a premier insurance company may offer more meaningful coverage options, benefits and services. Some companies, such as Chubb, AIG, and PURE, are regarded for their keen understanding of the complex risks faced by individuals and families with substantial assets to protect. They’re often distinguished by their responsiveness, guidance, and ancillary services.

If you own a high value, historic, or coastal home – or a home with custom or unique features – you want coverage that would enable you to rebuild with the same quality, craftsmanship, and style. Luxury cars, sports cars, and collector cars, call for coverages like Original Manufacturer’s Parts and Agreed Value. Special coverage considerations are also needed for valuable possessions like jewelry, arts, antiques, or other personal or inherited treasures.

Premier providers utilize many sophisticated tools, including advanced technologies and experienced consultants. They identify potential risks to help prevent damage from happening. In the event of a loss, they often excel with expeditious, thorough, and thoughtful handling of claims. Many offer complimentary services to policyholders, such as preferred service provider referrals, identity security assistance, and even wildfire and hurricane protection and preparedness programs.

If you have questions about what type of insurance company is the best match for your needs, please call or submit a contact request form. Our team of experienced professionals at Daly Insurance is happy to help and can arrange for an insurance portfolio review. We partner with a select but comprehensive group of providers. From straightforward coverage plans to highly complex risk management, we have the capabilities to design an insurance protection plan that works for you.