Typical homeowner’s policies provide protection for the contents of your home, but usually limit coverage for valuable items. The right insurance policy will fully protect your treasured possessions from loss, theft, or damage, nearly anywhere in the world. We can help you find the right coverage to protect your:

  • Jewelry
  • Fine Art
  • Vintage Wine
  • One-of-a-kind Antiques
  • Other Valuable Collectibles

Did You Know?  

  • Typical homeowner’s policies provide limited coverage for valuable items like jewelry, arts and antiques, silver, and other collectibles. A Valuable Articles policy provides coverage, against most causes of loss, for your rare and treasured possessions – anywhere in the world, with no deductible.
  • With a valuables policy you can select blanket coverage for an entire collection, or itemize individual pieces, or a mix of both options to protect your most distinctive possessions.
  • Valuable Articles polices provide coverage for breakage of fragile items. A good tip is to make sure everyone in the household knows to collect and save all pieces, which may allow the item to be successfully repaired or restored.

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What Our Clients Say  

My wife and I have worked with Daly Insurance for many years, relying on their expertise to insure our home, cars, valuables and personal liability. My brother introduced us to Kevin Daly and now, many members of my family are advised by Daly Insurance. As a business owner, I recognize you need great people to have a great organization, and Kevin has hired great people. The team is knowledgeable and caring, and it shows every time you communicate with them.

Ben G.
Newton, MA

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