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Life Insurance

Life Insurance to Protect Income

To protect your family from financial hardship, our life insurance partners can help you find the right life insurance coverage to fit your needs. Life insurance is particularly important for the surviving members of a young family, but it may also be critical for an older family with college funding, retirement, or long-term care needs. Life insurance provides cash when it is most needed, and has the flexibility to adjust as your needs change over the years.

Life Insurance to Protect and Transfer Wealth

Life insurance can also help families and married couples protect and transfer wealth to loved ones or charitable organizations. Because federal and state estate tax liabilities can represent a large amount of a family’s overall net worth, life insurance can be an invaluable tax planning tool. We can provide access to experts who can help you evaluate your needs, and determine if you may benefit from an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) or other planning strategy.

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