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Homeowner’s Insurance – First-time Home Buyers

For first-time home buyers, purchasing a home is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Homeownership is a rewarding rite of passage. You establish new roots and create a space for growth and new memories. It is also among the biggest financial investments you will make.

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A Triad of Trusted Advisors for First-time Home Buyers

Finding the right home, securing financing, and closing on your new purchase are daunting tasks in a complicated process. You want to work with knowledgeable and trustworthy real estate and mortgage lending professionals. The same is true for insuring your new home.

The Role of an Insurance Advisor

A trusted insurance advisor will ensure your home has the appropriate coverage in place—to meet lender requirements and help you close with confidence. Additionally, an independent agent is able to further customize your coverage, matching you with the company that best fits your unique needs.

Your insurance agent should search coverage options to apply all relevant discounts and credits. This includes discounts for packaging multiple policies and credits for safety features within your home. So, whether you are joining the ranks of first-time home buyers, or those purchasing a new property, rely on a trusted insurance advisor for your homeowner’s insurance.

Let Us Help

We understand that buying any new property can be overwhelming. We have guided clients through first homes, vacation and secondary homes, upsizing, and downsizing. For a review of your coverage needs, and in-depth explanations for your questions, please reach out. We would love to help.