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Ice Dams Can Lead to Water Damage

Ice dams form when heat escapes into your attic and warms your roof. Snow on the roof melts and then refreezes, causing an ice ridge to form that traps water on the roof. This water can leak into the home and cause significant damage.

Here are some steps you can begin to take now to help prevent ice dams:

  • Thoroughly clean gutters in the late fall. Clogged gutters may allow ice to form and back up under the roofline.
  • Install heat tape along the roof edge and into the downspouts to help prevent ice accumulation.
  • Make sure proper attic insulation is in place, keeping your living area warm but attic cool.
  • Ensure continuous ventilation of the attic, which should be only five to 10 degrees warmer than outside.
  • Line up a service to “shovel” the roof in the event of significant snow accumulation to help prevent water seepage or even collapse.

This information was published by Chubb on its Risk Conversation blog.