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Registering Your New Car in Massachusetts

Buyer Beware Purchasing a car in a private sale, or from an out-of-state dealer? Don’t assume the seller understands the requirements for you to transfer ownership, register, and legally drive your new car in Massachusetts. Let's review the details for registering your new car in Massachusetts The Certificate of Title ... Read More »

Boating Season Safety – Preparedness Tips

Before heading out on the water, make sure you and your boat are prepared. Check out these 15 tips, with links to additional resources, to help ensure a safe boating season. 1. Take a safety course. Whether you’re a new boater or a seasoned veteran, it’s always a good idea ... Read More »

Protect Your Home from Ice Dams

New England winters are beautiful, but they can also bring unique risks and challenges for homeowners. Ice dams, in particular, are a common winter threat that can cause serious damage to your home. What is an ice dam? After a snowfall, heat from the sun or from inside your home ... Read More »