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Category Archives for Insurance Fundamentals

Homeowner’s Insurance – Escaped Liquid Fuel

What is Escaped Liquid Fuel? Escaped liquid fuel. It sounds bad, and it is. It refers to heating oil that leaks from home heating systems. Recent news reports have highlighted the significant costs and disruptions associated with cleanup and repairs. This is true, particularly, if oil leaks into the soil, ... Read More »

Homeowner’s Insurance for Your Trust-owned Home

Is Your Home in a Trust? As an estate and tax planning tool, many successful individuals and families establish trusts, and transfer ownership of certain assets to the trust. Depending on the type of trust, benefits can include: Avoiding a lengthy probate process Reducing taxes Protecting assets from creditors and ... Read More »

Homeowner’s Insurance for Your Historic Home

Insuring Your Historic or Antique Home If you own a historic home, don't assume that all homeowner’s insurance policies are the same. You may be disappointed should you need to file a claim. Does replacement cost coverage on your policy include actual replication of significant historic details such as moldings ... Read More »