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Protect Your Home from Ice Dams

New England winters are beautiful, but they can also bring unique risks and challenges for homeowners. Ice dams, in particular, are a common winter threat that can cause serious damage to your home. What is an ice dam? After a snowfall, heat from the sun or from inside your home ... Read More »

The Historic Home: Insurance Considerations

If you’re assuming that all homeowner’s policies are the same, you could be setting yourself up for a major disappointment if you need to file a claim. When shopping for insurance for your historic house does “full replacement coverage” include actual replication of the significant historic details such as moldings ... Read More »

Ice Dams Can Lead to Water Damage

Ice dams form when heat escapes into your attic and warms your roof. Snow on the roof melts and then refreezes, causing an ice ridge to form that traps water on the roof. This water can leak into the home and cause significant damage. Here are some steps you can ... Read More »